Apartment upgrades

Thanks to all of our generous wedding guests, we’ve really upgraded our apartment. Since the rental market in SF is insane now, we decided to make our current place cute and homey instead of moving to a bigger place. Our apartment is a small one bedroom, so we had to get creative to fit everything in and keep it organized.

Here is what we walked into after our wedding! Holy Crate&Barrel (THANK YOU to everyone – we really do have the most generous friends and family in the world).


After a few weeks of living like this…

20130609_200826[1] 20130621_125946[1]

It looks like this! We also just put up curtains but I haven’t taken a pic of them yet. Side note: why do vertical blinds still exist? They are heinous.


We aren’t handy (for people that know us, this is an understatement) so we hired a Taskrabbit to come and install this wall-hanging pot rack for us. Frees up TONS of space for new appliances and baking dishes in our cart thing.

20130713_151553[1]  20130713_151732[1]

We had to get creative with the new Le Creuset (LOVE THIS) and it’s home is now the stovetop. We also put all of our new platters, trifle dish and pitcher above the fridge (lots of weddings coming up – wowza!). Not the most perfect storage system but it works.  For a tiny city kitchen, making these small tweaks had made a huge difference!

20130713_151656[1]   20130713_151706[1]