Labor Day Weekend

What a weekend! It was so great to be back in Ann Arbor and celebrate the start of football season (in a SUITE! Never going back to the student section…) We went with our friends Kristen and (Boy) Jordan, who we actually became friends with in SF, but they are both Michigan grads and grew up in the Mitten too. Kristen and I first met when we took a class together at Michigan our senior year, but we didn’t all become friends until we moved to SF a year later. We knew our enginerd bfs/now husbands would hit it off and they did!

Sean and I took a red eye Friday night (new job, need to save up my vacay days!) and arrived bright and early Saturday morning. After a power nap and a shower we felt refreshed enough to meet Kristen’s family for brunch at Cafe Zola.


Kristen and her adorable nephew Cole, all decked out in Maize and Blue!


From there we started the tailgate action. We forgot a few key ingredients like chairs to sit on (tailgating is tough when you’re flying in from across the country), but we had enough food and booze to keep us occupied until kickoff!





The game was incredible. Kristen’s boss generously gave her 4 tickets for his suite, and we will be forever in her debt for inviting us. It was SO over the top in the best way possible. We didn’t eat too much during the tailgate (drinks are another story – the only flaw with the suite was no booze allowed!) because we knew there would be quite the spread waiting for us. I didn’t want to take too many pictures of it for fear of looking too out of place, but it was amazing. Kristen and Jordan had field access (I know, can I have her boss?) so we mingled with her boss, his wife and some of their friends for awhile before the game started. By mingled I mean we tried to get them to adopt us… Sorry mom and dad, I love you and all, but season tickets to a suite in the Big House?!?!




The view…I could get used to this! The game was great, we kicked some CMU ass and I didn’t fall asleep (red eye plus 3:30pm kickoff, it was touch and go at times). All in all, a great day in the Big House.



On Sunday we had one destination: Zingerman’s. This place isn’t just a deli, it is a food mecca. I dream about this sandwich, people. It’s serious. My friend Molly was back visiting her parents for the weekend so she drove in to meet us for lunch. It was so great to see her! The last time I saw her was our wedding, which now feels like forever ago (tear).


The menu. Good thing I always get the same thing so I don’t have to stress. That would be serious anxiety right there.


#73: Tarb’s Tenacious Tenure, in all its glory. What is it, you ask?

“All-natural turkey breast, fresh avocado spread, Wisconsin muenster cheese, tomato & plenty of Zingerman’s Russian dressing on grilled farm bread.”

I’m seriously drooling again looking at this picture. So worth the $13.99 price tag.


The rest of the day was spent in a severe food coma. We got drinks at a cafe on Main Street and people-watched. Well, band-watched since there was a strange drum and fife band parade going on? Never know what you’re going to see in Ann Arbor! We had a great time relaxing and waiting until we could eat again, pretty standard with this crowd ;)

20130901_141019(0)[1] 20130901_133556[1]


Time to eat again! Well, for the guys since I refuse to eat buffalo wings. This is love right here – Sean was in hog heaven with his mango habenero wings.


We ended up stopping one more place for drinks and apps and then crashed back at our hotel. Such a great weekend with wonderful friends.  I miss Ann Arbor already. Cheers to a short work week!