Weekend Report

We had a really busy (and fun) weekend, which seems to be the trend for the rest of September. We are going to weddings the next two weekends, can’t wait! It will be the first weddings we’re attending since our own, so I’m looking forward to sitting back, relaxing, eating, drinking and celebrating our friends and family.

But back to the weekend. On Friday night we went to Cobb’s Comedy Club to see David Spade. Aka Joe Dirt and Richard from Tommy Boy. He was funny enough, but my favorite was the opener, Kevin Farley. I mean, he’s Chris Farley’s brother – comedy is in his genes!


On Saturday we took a trip across the new Bay Bridge to St. George’s Spirits in Alameda for a tour/tasting at the distillery. I’ve been to plenty of wine tastings, but a straight-up liquor tasting is not really my style. I kept waiting for them to make cocktails for me, but didn’t happen. Instead, I gave all my tastes to Sean and Wes! You’re welcome, boys.



We tried all of the spirits listed – the absinthe was actually my favorite! The kaffir lime vodka was great too and we picked up a bottle and a few types of gin (St. George’s specialty). I see Moscow Mules in my future. The tour was interesting and despite not being able to handle straight booze, I’m glad we went.


From there we went to a friend’s apartment to cheer on Michigan. They played Notre Dame in a night game – which on the west coast starts at 5pm. Perfect for cocktail hour! Such a great game, it was close and exciting and Michigan won, yay!

Sunday was low-key, we cleaned up our apartment a little and finally unpacked from our Michigan trip. Then we got down to business: sandwiches, cocktails and the 49ers game.


I’ve been seeing a weird variation on a BLT floating around Pinterest – a BLT with peanut butter. It was SO SO GOOD! Sounds bizarre, but the key is the assembly. You put peanut butter on one slice of bread (I used brioche) and then top it with bacon, then put mayo on the other slice with mayo, lettuce and tomato. Cut crosswise is best.  The salty, sweet and crunchy combo was amazing. I think I said “omg this is soooooooo good” between every bite.



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