Friday’s Five

Happy Friday! It’s been a hectic week, but it went by at warp speed. Here are five things on my mind today…

1. Blogging

I’m new to blogging but so far, I’m loving it! I love reading comments and discovering new-to-me blogs. I really want to keep up with it and get in a regular blogging routine. Thank you for reading!

2. Summer

Everyone keeps talking about how sad they are that summer is coming to a close, but luckily here in San Francisco the nice weather is just beginning! From May to August it’s pretty foggy and can be depressing not seeing the sun. September and October are usually gorgeous and I plan to take full advantage of the weather with picnics in the park, rooftop patios and trips to Napa. I can’t wait for more sunshine and fewer visits from Karl the Fog!

3. This article about annoying out-of-office email responders. Tis the season! This one made me laugh:

The Seniority Show-off

“On a similar note, please do not conclude your away message by reminding others of the power you wield at work. (“If you need immediate assistance, please contact my executive assistant at, or my associate executive assistant at, or my executive assistant’s executive assistant at”) We get it — you’re rich.”

4. Food trucks

On Monday I had lunch at the food trucks near my office. I would eat there every day if I calories and money were not a concern. The duck confit spring rolls from Little Green Cyclo are my favorite.


5. College football

I’m going to the Big House! Michigan football is back and (hopefully) will be better than ever. I’m excited for a fun weekend trip with friends, eating at all my favorite Ann Arbor restaurants and singing the fight song nonstop. GO BLUE!


Have a great Labor Day weekend!


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