Tomato pop up dinner

Ignore my chipped nail polish! This has been one of those weeks where I’ve left my house before 8am and haven’t gotten home before 10pm every night. The good thing is that the week has gone by on warp speed, so the weekend is soon (ANN ARBOR HERE I COME!!!!)

I’ve been busy with work events (don’t feel too bad for it, one night was a client’s party with my favorite 80s cover band and last night we went out with another client to a fancy dinner), but on Tuesday night I went to a pop up dinner with my friend Kaitlyn that featured tomatoes in every dish. It was held at Naked Kitchen, an event space in a big purple Victorian house in the Mission.

The crowd was interesting – we were the youngest people there by far! I’ve only been to one other pop up event, a brunch, so I didn’t really know what to expect. We sat at communal tables and made friends with the other guests – everyone was really interesting and as to be expected, everyone loved talking about food and restaurants :)

Beautiful place settings and tomato decor.



The menu…my phone died right as dinner started so I don’t have any pictures, but my favorites were the heirloom tomato terrine, the tomato jam and the strawberry-tomato crumble. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the dessert but it blew my mind. SO freaking good. Apparently the chef has a cookbook, I need to look into it so I can attempt to recreate it. It was BYOB, so we split a bottle of cab and left really happy and really full :)




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